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So I've had a very different song running round my mind recently - I could blame the fabulous rubberdoll I was playing with on Friday - though I've been listening to the Paloma Faith album a lot recently ;)


I love dollification - just recently miss charlotte one of my subs linked to a story s/he was inspired by on the Aussie board at the DomBoss forums. It was a very intense fantasy about young ladies being turned into tightly corseted and masked dolls as part of their finishing school...

Perhaps an addition to the programme of the Carisbrook Academy? I am interested in getting a local corsetier to make some custom training corsets and neck-braces so I will have to report back soon and see what her work is like (I commissioned something for myself first)

though there are some awesome rubber dollification options available as well - though my rubber lingerie, inflatable breasts, hoods and dresses were perfect for my playdate.

I had to play the same broken doll track in miss daria's session today too - Ms Jadis and I had a lot of fun making her look an awful lot sluttier than her usual restrained everyday or "schoolgirl" self with a variety of tawdry finery ending with very severe corsetry and she was soon taken to mirrored and exposing the sling room and violated in a variety of horrible sordid ways...

poor little broken doll - and I'm the puppeteer ;)

Just too fabulous...

In other thoughts - thanks so much to everyone for all the kind messages - I'm usually a very positive person though occasionally things can affect me more than I was expecting - xxxx to all :) I never forget how blessed I am to have so many good people in my life - even if some are only in it for a couple of hours every few months... it's all deeply appreciated.
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