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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015
12:10 pm - Visit www.mistressservalan.com for all my information
Hi livejournal - it's been such a long time since I paid you any attention!

To quickly recap I'm still in Sydney conducting BDSM sessions in my beautiful dungeon. I'm still friends with a lot of amazing Mistresses in Australia and around the world who I get to  play with in double-domme sessions from time to time...

If you've landed over here by accident though the vagaries of Google then probably best to go and have a look at my website. All the information about me and my sessions is over at http://www.mistressservalan.com and I'm blogging over there now instead of updating my lj - you can find all my entries on my Mistress Servalan website under the blog heading - but I'm leaving this up as well for old-times sake really. I had such an amazing time on lj during it's heyday before we all moved away to Facebook, Twitter, Fetlife and other platforms.

I started blogging about my FemDom experiences and life back in 2003 - and there would have to be hundreds over entries over the ten years or more I was writing here. I found that lj just worked really well for the networking part of social networking and I made a lot of amazing friends here both Domme and sub. But times and platforms change... some are more "sticky" than others - I wouldn't bother looking for my google+ account for example - nothing to see there!

So here's where to find me...
Website http://www.mistressservalan.com
Fetlife https://fetlife.com/users/78037
Twitter https://twitter.com/msservalan
Instagram http://instagram.com/dommeseyeview
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MistressServalan

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
6:50 pm - The Mystery of the Missing Website - plus Easter Beatings!

So I found out through a helpful submissive that my old and out of date website MsServalan.com was out of date no longer... because it was gone! Yikes - that was a bit of a shock.I'm not quite sure exactly when it went off line - but at least for the last three or four weeks! Apparently Dan the owner of Pandemos, the UK based Domme directory sold the business and my site (which he had been hosting for me for the last ten years) just got left behind somewhere.

I've had a few calls from people asking if I've retired or am on an extended holiday/break from Professional Domination and I have to say absolutely not! I've been very busy playing as usual which my twitter followers would know :) which is probably why it took me so long to find out my website was gone. Oh well - I guess it's the universe telling me to finally get that shiny new website I've been promising up and running at last! Though I should have a little interim something up soon - once we sort out the domain registration. So keep an eye out for the reappearance!

In other news I thought I'd give a little availability update - I've been very busy recently with another of my amazing multi-day sessions and then a couple of days off getting in the last of the warmth at the beach before winter. Of course this made me even more difficult than usual to catch on the phone! However back in the dungeon now. As always email to ms.servalan@gmail.com is good - or a text message if you don't have any luck reaching me on the phone...

I'm not taking a break over the Easter/ Anzac Day holidays so feel free to come in for Easter Beatings! Especially if you work in the Finance Industry ;)

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Monday, April 7th, 2014
8:06 pm - The sensual art of brutal caning

Yum - so as everyone knows I absolutely adore administering the cane. When I first started at Salon Kitty's as an apprentice many years ago my personal life experience meant that I was "authorised" pretty much straight away to conduct heavy discipline sessions - I was taught to flog and cane by an ex-professional Mistress who took me under her wing in my first tentative steps into the kink community back in the 90s. I believe that my previous experience as an ex-fencer (I competed in sabre to a National level) stood me in good stead when it came to using a cane!

In my present practice I'm lucky enough to get to give quite quite a few canings in an average week ;) (interspersed of course with my other favourite forms of play). They can occur in a variety of different circumstances - of course a traditional scholastic setting is something I'm well known for. I'm surprised that there are so few well appointed schoolrooms in BDSM dungeons around the world, but I guess very few other ladies are as obsessed with HeadMistress role play as I am. Of course only a percentage of my thrashings are given bent over a school desk - in a D/s session there is no role play, it's all about creating an authentic experience of Dominance and submission where the slave is offering himself for my happiness. For those who choose to serve though pain the cane is always a wonderful way to give me that perfect gift of suffering. In that case firmly restrained face down on the large bondage bench in the main dungeon is a favourite position for me to cane in and gives the slave no "wriggle room" at all. Neither does the beautiful leather upholstered bench up on the South Floor - this amazing piece came from Fetters in the UK and I have to say I've found it one of the most versatile pieces of bondage equipment I own.

Interestingly caning is the one area where I'm happy to take direction - while I never appreciate a bondage sub detailing how he wants to be bound (apart from general information and preferences)  certain masochistic caning fetishists may only be able to process the intense sensations of a severe thrashing under certain circumstances. This might relate to caning position, the diameter of the cane, timing, number of strokes at a time and so on. While the energy exchange is very different from a role play or a D/s focused session it's still an amazing intense experience and being a part of it is so very enjoyable for me.

The same with introducing someone to the cane - taking them gently and carefully to a place where the intensity of "six of the best" is something that they can take.

Which brings me to the title of this post!

I was given this lovely feedback a few days ago from a masochist I love to cane.
"May I say in all the years I have been going to various establishments and Mistresses you are the best by miles - you know just what to do to maximise my pleasure - I have never enjoyed myself as much as over your punishment frame being thrashed with the cane. The other aspect I enjoy - I can see you enjoy giving the cane, to hear and see the results of hard and accurate strokes.

We had a great discussion as to just how sensual caning could be - not in the way that sensual domination is imagined by most people - but in the true meaning of the word. All of our senses are excited by caning... I love the sound of the ritual swish of the rattan through the air as I select the correct weight for the bottom before me, the feeling of the cane in my hands, taking time to place each stroke exactly and perfectly (as inaccurate caning kills the ability to process pain for most subs), running my fingers across the raised red welts... little perfect moments like taking a moment between sets of six to rest my hand on the slave's back and just breathe in and out with him - feeling us both connected and centered by the intense rush of sensation.

The masochist who wrote that lovely thank you note agrees with me about the sensual nature of caning, and takes a very heavy dose - what many people would call brutal and has certainly been left with bleeding welts in the past. However as we take time to calibrate our senses and expectations it's the sensuality of the overall experience that makes it possible for him to reach this level of intensity and walk away with a very sore bottom and a huge smile on his face!

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Thursday, January 30th, 2014
11:53 pm - Wow - that's been quick!

The first month of 2014 has flown past!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the beautiful weather - well the people who read my blog from Sydney anyway... I know that a lot of my friends over in the US have been experiencing some very different weather conditions!

I keep thinking of things I want to write about here - and then getting distracted... or having trouble deciding which thing to write about. So I thought a general update would be a good thing.

As always there are a few new things coming in the door at Carisbrook - one day I might stop shopping - but I suspect that if I did a few of my slaves might just pick up the slack for me! I was recently given a beautiful perforated leather hood - it restricts the vision without stopping the slave from being able to see anything - and best of all the new leather scent is totally enveloping. Another fabulous gift was a pair of pink padded mittens, like bondage mitts but in pink satin instead of black leather so they're perfect for sissies and those into age play. I do love the contrast of my interests - sometimes it's all black leather and shiny metal and others it's soft silks and satins :)

There have certainly been a lot of memorable sessions over the first few weeks of the year. Plenty of lovely heavy bondage of course - I have been meaning to write a post with some thoughts on what bondage means to me, what my personal style is like and why I love it so much - perhaps that will be the first thing to tick of my list of  "kinky things I've been meaning to write about".

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Friday, December 27th, 2013
11:03 pm - Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas or Saturnalia if you prefer ;)  A sex therapist I know recently posted this http://creativesexpression.com/2013/12/24/surviving-the-silly-season/ blog entry about “Surviving the Silly Season” as of course it’s well known to be a very stressful time of year for a lot of people… I recommend having a read as she has some very good advice.

Rather than get dragged down into the routine of Christmas, how about we see it as an exciting holiday where we can open ourselves up to more pleasure and love and be gentle with ourselves? Prioritise sexy time with yourself or your lover. How about your give your body as a gift to your lover? Be kind to yourself. Take some time out for yourself or your family. Stress can have a very bad effect on our health, so try to take some time out. If you have a partner, take the night off and just spend it with your lover.. Spoil yourself.

Around this time of year in Ancient Rome they celebrated the festival of Saturnalia, a holiday in honor of the sowing god, Saturn. There was much drinking, sexual indulgence and singing songs naked in the streets.. It was a raucous festival and apparently the best festival of the year.

Hmmm – that sounds like much more fun! Of course a lot of my submissives like to take a little bit of time out during the holidays for themselves and come and see me ;) sometimes they just need to get back on the “Nice List” with a good old fashioned spanking!

I’m back in the dungeon playing again after a couple of days off doing festive things, though as always I’m hard to catch on the phone a lot of the time, so if you’ve had no luck send me a text message on 0404 654 774 or email me ms.servalan@gmail.com  For some reason too my phone reception has gotten worse – sigh – which I know can be very frustrating for everyone! I’d chance from Optus but I just don’t know if anyone else’s reception would be that much better. Again – text and/or email is a good way to get around those sorts of problems…

As always I had a holiday party in Carisbrook for Mistress Jadis, myself and some of our friends – it’s not a fetish party with slaves, just a fun chance to relax with a cocktail and a chat… I’ve been self employed since early 2000 (either in PR or as a ProDomme) so the days of the office Xmas party are long gone and after a few years of missing out I decided to make my own fun :)


This is me and my good friend Mistress Serena with a magnum of champagne at the party! We’ve known each other since my first day at Salon Kittys back all those years ago! An amazing lady who never left the BDSM scene but hasn’t been taking professional sessions for a few years, she’s let me know she’s willing to see selected submissives once again! Feel free to get in touch and I’ll pass on her details…

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Friday, December 6th, 2013
10:56 pm - Leather Lover!

As anyone who's read my blog or visited me in session knows I'm a hard-core leather fetishist - and in fact I would say that leather is one of my earliest fetishes - I remember sniffing my leather watch band when I was given my first watch back when I was very young... perhaps more a fascination at such an early age than an actual fetish... but fast forward to my teenage years and leather belts, boots and eventually a rebellious leather jacket were certainly given a more erotic edge in my imaginings.

I recently purchased some new pieces from two of my very favorite Leather Designers, Lux Tenebrae and Northbound Leather - I'm waiting (im)patiently for them to be hand made and sent from England and Canada to me in Marrickville... sigh - the long wait for high fetish glamour can be hard for a pervert ;)

Here's a little happy snap I took with my webcam of a favourite dress from Northbound that was given to me by a very dear slave for my birthday a couple of years ago. I've matched it with leather cap, spiked choker and one of my absolute favourite pairs of Christian Louboutin stilettos - the spiked ones I bought in New York this year! swoon - there's just something so archtypically dominant to me about the combination of black leather and shiny metal spikes...

Photo on 2013-11-16 at 14.48 #4

Plus of course that shiny red sole is just so very ummm - "eyecatching". I almost always wear red lipstick as well and vary my favourites though MAC's Russian Red is probably my number one choice. Red nails are always something I love too - though today they're silver for a change... but I will probably be back to red again next mani/pedi appointment.

Leather is not just something I wear either - I love, love, love leather bondage! I have a whole post I've been thinking about a lot recently regarding my personal style and theories of bondage - I might even write it this week ;) but mainly I just adore the chance to use leather. Some people thing that it's just wrist and ankle cuffs - but they've obviously never visited Carisbrook because I'm amassed a huge collection of beautiful leather pieces from all over the world (well the UK, New York and San Francsico anyway). The intensity is just ramped up that much more for me, and you can achieve such quick and complete restriction with some of my custom and bespoke pieces.

I recently received a huge new piece of bondage equipment that has really changed how I've organised Carisbrook - a leather (no not vinyl) bondage wheel from Fetters in the UK. I'll have to take some photos of it in action soon - but I'm really enjoying having such an iconic piece all of my own. Plus just the sheer meterage of all that delicious English Leather really stops me in my tracks when I walk in. I try not to get too distracted by sniffing the leather, but hey, what's a pervy fetishist to do!

Not that I've donated all my lovely latex outfits - and I certainly love dressing my slaves in tight shiny rubber... but for me, the allure of leather is just so very dominant and sexy.

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Saturday, November 23rd, 2013
1:20 pm - On safewords and consent

I've been thinking about writing up some of my ideas on safewords for a while - because there seem to be a variety of approaches to them.

To me the absolute foundation to all play is consent - that is what makes me able to look in the mirror every morning and know that while I might be sadistic and enjoy the suffering of my submissives that I'm not an abuser... my slaves, submissives and play partners consent to the activities that occur, even when they might not "enjoy" them in the moment.

The key part of consent of course is the ability to rescind it. Which is of course what a safeword is for, particularly for those who like a roleplay of resistance (which to be honest is not one my kinks). It is to keep you "safe" - to know that you can if required quickly and easily rescind consent and let the Domme know that everything has to stop.

This is the main meaning of a safeword, but I have noticed that different players may use them a little differently - and might use "Mercy" for example a bit like a pause button on a remote control, to get a quick breather or to dial down the intensity a little bit. Some people even like to use a "stop light" system where the bottom can use "green; orange; red" to indicate how much they're enjoying their experience - which is a valuable approach for many, particularly if the Dom/me is less experienced but is not the way that I prefer to play. In fact I prefer to use "fluffy kittens" as a safeword as it is outside of the fantasy realm and something that obviously stops any play.

For me using a safeword is rescinding consent - it means that either the session ends, or (more usually) that we take a little time out and renegotiate. However to be honest this very rarely happens in my dungeon - I try to take a lot of care and enough time with my negotiation beforehand so I have a good understanding of limits before the slave kneels and offers himself up to me. Plus I'm very good at reading when someone is nearing the edge of their endurance and backing off just as they're wondering if they will need to use the safeword...

There is of course another side - it's possible to communicate during play without using the safeword and taking back control... To give me as the Domme all the information I require to torment and control you. Say for example the submissive is having trouble with a sore back in a bondage position - just tell me - everyone's body can react to positions differently and I'm happy to adjust add a pillow under the knees or change something if there's a problem. Another instance is being disciplined with a leather strap, instead of saying "mercy" or "red" and stopping play when they feel that the pain is too intense, they can plead with me "Please Mistress I don't think I can take any more" - that still gives me the power and control to decide if I will take pity on them... Perhaps I will whisper in their ear "surely you can take two more, just to make me happy" - or I will laugh at how they've bitten off more than they could chew and change the play to something else, or say "too bad, I'm not done yet" - but if the latter there will still be a change in tempo and plenty of checking to see how they are handling the intensity. The safeword is still there - but it's not pulled out as a way for the submissive to control the session.

Safewords are important - but they mean "Stop everything and check in". Both the Domme and the submissive are pulled out of their headspace, and so they should be as it means something has gone wrong... Never be afraid to use them, you always have the right to rescind consent - but also consider other avenues of communication before pulling the plug.

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Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
4:10 pm - Home in Sydney

Well my little trip to South Australia was super fun! Though since I've been home I've been too busy with sessions to write up how much I enjoyed my visit...

The "excuse" I had for going was that I was going to the Beyonce concert because when the Sydney shows were all sold out! Though really it was just the motivation I needed to go and visit my friends Mistress Electra A'more and Goddess Gabrielle at their amazing studio The Fetish Palace.

The Fetish Palace is beautiful - it's in a super convenient location just a few minutes walk from the center of Adelaide - I was staying on North Terrace in one of the nice hotels near the casino and it was less than ten minutes for me. When you walk in the atmosphere is amazing! Goddess Gabrielle has a particular dark and decadent aesthetic that she loves and the look and feel really impress straight from the waiting area with lots of custom metal work. I had sessions in three of the different rooms but of course investigated all their other play spaces to check everything out.

When Mistress Electra A'more took the reins she added in her own touches and experience and of course a truckload of amazing toys and equipment including some of the same Fetters leather bondage pieces that I love so much. Plus she's a devoted rubberist who has an incredible array of rubber bondage gear as well - phew I think they might have slightly more pieces than I do at Carisbrook!

I haven't really visited a house of domination since I left Salon Kittys almost ten years ago so it was a different experience for me to sit on a sofa in the girl's room and have a chat. Of course I had so much catching to do with Electra and Gabrielle but it was really nice to meet their junior Mistress Summer and the playful and naughty Miss Emily.

I was lucky enough to get to do Double Domme sessions with both Mistress Electra and Goddess Gabrielle - as regular readers of this blog over the years would know I absolutely adore playing with other dominant ladies, especially in their own personal playspaces as it really gives me new ideas to bring home, because even when we have similar play styles there is always something unique in another Domme's style. I even got to reconnect with a lovely bondage slave from the past who I hadn't seen for a few years as his work no longer takes him to Sydney every couple of months... amazing how quickly one can reconnect, especially with a shared passion for devious bondage!


This is a little selfie I took just before Electa and I went into a lovely discipline session - we were matching in leather and spikes.

Of course a trip to South Australia had to involve some wine ;) So I took a couple of days to drive to the beautiful Barossa Valley for some decadant wine tasting...


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Thursday, October 31st, 2013
10:25 pm - Visiting Adelaide 7-8 November

I'm excited to be off to visit my good friends Mistress Electra Amore and Goddess Gabrielle at Fetish Palace in Adelaide next week!

I will be available for sessions for two days only, Thursday the 7th and Friday the 8th so if you're interested in seeing me while I'm in town please email ms.servalan@gmail.com or you may call me on 0404 654 774 but be aware I am very hard to catch on the phone!

Of course I absolutely adore double sessions and would love another chance to play with my friends... Here are some photos from last year when Goddess Gabrielle was visiting and we took my poor slave well in hand!  Thank you to MRV for the photography :)

Goddess Gabrielle, Mistress Servalan and cd slave charlotte

Setting up for some medical play

We finished up with tandem caning

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Monday, September 30th, 2013
7:07 pm - Visiting Mistress Electra Amore this week!

Exciting news, my friend Mistress Electra Amore is in Sydney this week and is available for sessions on three days only - the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of October - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

Electra has over 19 years professional BDSM experience in Melbourne, London, Sydney and now is based in Adelaide where she runs the Fetish Palace. I met her back in 2000 when I was still an apprentice Mistress at Salon Kittys and she impressed me with her bondage skills, attention to detail and creativity in session (something I think we share - why even walk in the dungeon if you're not going to create an amazing experience for Domme *and* sub)

Electra has an amazing talent for bondage and corporal play, but she is also an expert in the more sensual side of play with qualifications in Urban Tantra and Somatic Sexology.

Check her website www.mistresselectraamore.com for details - she can be reached directly on 0412 569 969 or email mzelectraamore@gmail.com or if you're interested in a double session (highly recommended!)  you're welcome to email me ms.servalan@gmail.com or try contacting me by phone.

Mistress Electra has travelled with her favourite canes

Mistress Electra has traveled with her favourite canes

Devoted rubberist Electra enjoys decadent sensuality as well

Devoted rubberist Electra enjoys decadent sensuality as well

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Thursday, September 19th, 2013
11:04 pm - Short, sharp shocks! Corporal punishment play

I've had a super busy few weeks since I last posted about how beautiful the sunshine has been! One week I spent in one of my intense multi-day sessions - this time over four days... I've been seeing this particular slave for many years now and we always enjoy spending time together whether it's enjoying dinner in a glamorous restaurant (I *love* fine dining) or my watching him struggle with total sensory deprivation in my newest isolation hood. Of course my twitter followers would have seen plenty of live-tweeting and naughty photographs of what was going on during our session!

Quite recently I've had a number of short but intense sessions that are the complete opposite to my multi-day in terms of time, a half hour domestic discipline. While I'm well known for extended heavy bondage sessions that go from several hours to several days, I also have quite a number of naughty (adult) boys and girls who come and see me regularly for discipline either in my school room or upstairs in the comfortable environs of the North Floor.

Interestingly while the basic content of the sessions is the same (corporal punishment) there is still a lot of variety. One gentleman has been seeing me for many years, with a particular interest in the Scottish school tawse - I'm a bit of a collector in this area and have quite an array including five authentic Lochgelly's in weights from Medium to XH! His session is not punishment per se, and has no role play - but I know that like many people there is a distinct benefit to recieving regular discipline - it clears and focuses the mind and really sends the recipient out into the world with the slate wiped clean.

Another "naughty boy" I've been playing with recently is very focused on role play; this time drawing from real life experiences. He left a lovely comment on my little YouTube video "Ms Servalan's Disciplinary Implements" I highly recommend Ms Servalan, I have had 2 recent sessions with this lovely lady, the first was a headmistress scenario set in the 60's and the 2nd scenario was a Aunty scenario again set in the 60's, the roleplay is excellent and any limits you may have she understands, so I will be making more appointments shortly

He has been back to see me a few times since that comment and we've gotten a chance to explore a few scenarios drawn from life set both in the upstairs bedroom on the South Floor and in my schoolroom.  He's been reliving some important childhood experiences and receiving the punishment that wasn't given at the time - this time of course as an adult with full and informed consent! Which is of course the difference between BDSM and abuse - while I might be the strict Aunt or stern Headmistress - what happens between us is negotiated and agreed to. The "boy" in question may very well feel afraid and so they should! I am going to leave them with a hot, sore bottom ;) but the balance of power is a power exchange between equals not an adult bullying a smaller (or at least younger) person.

And in the way that these things always happen - while my mind has been on spanking (and my hand has been doing plenty of it too!) I was sent a delightful message from a miscreant who's moved interstate and saw me one time a couple of years ago. He's given permission to quote him here.

"I saw you in mid 2011 for a session where you were my strict school headmistress. I had asked you for a good hard hand spanking over your knee followed by 6 of the best with your senior dragon cane and if you could post a pic of my well thrashed stripy bottom on your journal or twitter account. You said you were more than happy to and then talked me into receiveing 12 strokes instead of 6. You explained to me that you would 6 me backhand and 6 for hand strokes to ensure both cheeks would get equal damage. I loved your otk hand spanking, lovely hard rapid spanks while getting scolded. I was not expecting it to go for as long as it did thinking you would stop soon because your hand was too sore. By that stage my bottom most certainly was!! I was most impressed as it would have been at the very least a 20 minute spanking of fast rapid spanks. I was then told to get up over your knee and bend over the school desk. Your 12 strokes of the dragon cane most certainly lit my bum on fire and the ones on my sit spot got me close to tears. You mentioned to me that sitting could be quite uncomfortable and had a bit of a giggle to yourself and sent me on my way. It only took half an hour of your time as she said you believed naughty boys should be given a short sharp shock. The drive home was quite a distance but felt a lot longer then it was sitting on a freshly caned bottom. My bottom was still lovely and warm and of cause very sore by the time I got home and I went straight to the mirror to examine your artwork. A delicious lovely striped botty. I than sat my bare bum on a bag of frozen peas to try and cool it off a bit. I looked at your twitter account that night and there was a pic of my sore bottom.  It's a shame because I have since relocated as I would love to bare my bottom for you again. If I am ever in Sydney in the near future I would most definitely like to see you again. Thank you once again Mistress! Warm Regards"

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Friday, August 16th, 2013
6:00 pm - Sydney Springtime

How beautiful has the weather been over the last couple of weeks! I've writing about springtime but the calendar says that we still have a couple of weeks of official winter still to go but I must say all the beautiful blossoms I'm walking past everyday don't seem to agree! That said we all know that September can still be surprising with cold snaps so I'm not going to be packing away the heaters any time soon!

I've been super difficult to catch on the phone over the last few weeks - so apologies if you've been calling and/or texting in vain! Generally if you don't reach me on the phone first up, either send me a text message or try back in a couple of hours... Try not to send a text saying "Hi Mistress" and nothing else though ;)

In other news this month is Mistress Jadis's 6 Year Dommiversary! I announced her official apprenticeship on the 20th of August back in 2007  http://msservalan.livejournal.com/233833.html but we'd been planning and scheming for a couple of weeks before we went public ;)  I think I've finally cured myself of calling her "my apprentice Mistress Jadis" and now refer to her as "my colleague" as the actual apprenticeship side of our relationship wrapped up about five years ago! I think she's saddled with a bossy-older-sister sort of relationship for life however ;)  She recently relaunched her website www.msjadis.com with all sorts of lovely new photos and evil thoughts but here are a couple of happy snaps taken on my phone from a function we attended a couple of weeks ago.


I'm the one with the leopard print Louboutins ;)


Just don't ask about *my* website - it's become a sort of "don't mention the war" Faulty Towers sketch! Well at least it's progress - I keep being 99% done and then I get stuck on photo choices or decide I need to wait till some little piece of dungeon renovation has been finalized and photographed to it's best advantage! Oh dear... But the advantages to an old site are that not so many new people see it ;) so I get to stick to my happy percentages of 4 out of 5 sessions being with people I've seen before... or more even. Not that I don't like exploring with new people - that can be so exciting to delve into someone's mind and fetishes for the first time, but there's always the process of making sure that we're going to have shared interests. Since the sad closure of Salon Kittys there have been a few "homeless subs" looking for ladies to play with - but the experience of going to a house of domination is very different to seeing an independent Domina - particularly me! Sadly I've heard some awful stories about those people trying to cash in on the gap in the market with untrained ladies charging substantial money and claiming years of experience but with no equipment, no fetish wear and apparently not much of an idea of what BDSM is about...

Luckily there will be a new BDSM house opening in the near future - so I will be very happy to have somewhere I can personally recommend to send those gentlemen looking for same-day bookings, switch sessions, body worship and so on. I've been asked recently if I was planning on taking another apprentice or expanding - but that's not something I'm interested in at the moment... Carisbrook is my personal playground and every single piece there has been curated by me - I really wouldn't want a whole lot of ladies in my space!

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Friday, June 7th, 2013
6:05 pm - American Adventures Part 2 - Pittsburgh

My goodness I can't believe I've been back for a few weeks now and am rather behind on my updates! Ah well - I had a miserable flu just after I got home so was off the air for a while and then it seemed that I was missed by my Sydney subs and slaves so have been super busy in the dungeon...

After only a week in my favourite city (apart from Sydney) it was time to head off to the airport and get on another plane. Eeek!

Now I'm not a nervous flyer at all - and am not bothered by long flights too much... but when I got on the last seat of the teeny tiny plane heading to Pittsburgh I admit my heart fell a little! It was a Very Small Plane indeed - and rather a rough flight exacerbated by my being right at the back... bump bump bump across the skies and into Pittsburgh I was a little pale and holding rather too tightly to my glossy fashion magazine!

Of course by the time my luggage arrives I'm laughing it off as another travel anecdote and I was picked up at the airport and whisked off to The Compound in short order where my friend Irene Boss is waiting to greet me with a delicious glass of wine!

That night I had a photoshoot in a couple of The Compound's fabulous playspaces - with two different looks - one domestic in the library and leather in the industrial dungeon. I can't be such a tease ;) here are some of my favourites!

seated in Irene"s Industrial Dungeon wearing a lot of leather

seated in Irene's Industrial Dungeon wearing a lot of leather

close up view of my new spiked Louboutins

close up view of my new spiked Louboutins


Why yes I do have a stocking fetish ;)

Why yes I do have a stocking fetish ;)

an over-the-knee spanking is very severe at times! Especially with the ebony hairbrush

an over-the-knee spanking is very severe at times! Especially with the ebony hairbrush

The next few days were a fabulous blur of play, filming and getting to spend time with Domina Irene who's a friend as well as a very respected colleague. I very much enjoyed exploring The Compound now it's restored to it's full glory and filled to the brim with amazing toys and pieces of bondage equipment. I always come away with new ideas when I visit my friends and this time of course is no exception!

I'm looking forward to seeing how the new films turn out! Though I've made a few on previous visits and when Domina Irene came to visit me here in Sydney a couple of years ago... If you're interested check out her website www.domboss.com for more information.

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Tuesday, May 21st, 2013
7:16 pm - American Adventures Part 1 - New York

It's been a while since I wrote an update... though those who follow my adventures on twitter would probably have a good idea of what I've been up to!

I've certainly been very busy with all of my very favourite things - sessions - shopping and socialising! Starting with New York City which I have to say is somewhere I just love more and more every time I visit it. As always I was super busy with sessions - I'm lucky that over the years I've been visiting I've met a lot of amazing US based submissives who look forward to my visits. This time I started out with something different - an overnight session!

Not that an overnight session is different for me - I'm one of the only people in Australia who specialises in extended and overnight sessions - and one of a small handful worldwide who frequently conduct multi-day sessions (my friend Irene Boss being a notable other). But doing one in someone else's dungeon is a very different proposition! I was a little bit worried to be honest - how would it flow in a much smaller space (this is NYC after all) and with different equipment? In the end I was very happy - I felt that it was a great challenge to my creativity and I really enjoyed doing things a little differently.

Other New York adventures included some amazing double sessions with Mistress Wynter and chatting with her long into the night as we always have so much gossip to catch up on that Skype just doesn't work for... We also did some filming together - which may lead to a new development I will be announcing soon!

The weather in New York was beautiful - warm sunshine and some of the most amazing street flowers... I stay in Chelsea just near the fabulous Highline - and as I was walking around the city I kept noticing what looked like confetti blowing in the street but was actually pink or white petals from all the beautiful blossoming trees! In the spirit of my new conviction that I need to remember to experience the city a little more I headed uptown with Ms W and Mistress Veronica to visit the Frick museum which was fantastic. I often spend so much time in beautiful cities never seeing anything apart from the dungeon and a couple of kinky shops ;)


I took this photo on my phone the day I went to visit the Frick museum - you can get a feeling for how beautiful the contrast is between the busy city streets and the blaze of tulips and blossoms... It is a magical time of year to visit New York.

Of course there was a lot of naughty "indoor activities" as well! I got to play with a lot of my favourite American submissives - there are people I've been seeing now for years, even if I don't get into town very often. Quite a lot of my US sessions are corporal punishment focused - quite often as the visiting Headmistress of the Carisbrook Academy or a Strict Australian Auntie.


I certainly made an impression on quite a lot of naughty bottoms after they'd been turned over my knee and given a good spanking - then some attention from my hairbrush and Lochgelly tawse which I always pack first thing!

Just a little bit of shopping while I was there ;) it was all very well under control until I went to my favourite shop the Horatio Street Louboutin store! I bought The Most Amazing Shoes I've acquired in a long time - I will post some photos of them in my next update as I had some beautiful photos taken when I was visiting Irene Boss in Pittsburgh...

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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
1:38 pm - Negotiation, submission and what you *didn't* ask for...

I've had this post rolling around in my mind for a few weeks and have finally decided to sit down and see if the ideas make sense. My bestie Mistress Wynter of New York has long had the tagline "You know what you want, I know what you need" - and this is the basic theme of what I'm thinking about. Or as the headline says, negotiation, submission and what you *didn't* ask for!

A lot of the time professional sessions can be very focused on what the client has requested - in some ways this seems like it should be self evident - of course he's the one paying! But for those with either a submissive mindset, or an interest in new and exciting activities this kind of session can get boring quite quickly. That is where a Mistress who is experienced and enjoys introducing people to new experiences is able to expand horizons. I often get asked "do many people ask for x activity" - and my reply is generally it doesn't matter if they ask for it or not!

Obviously I don't want to transgress boundaries - and this is why face to face negotiation before the session is so important for me. If someone emails me a list of likes and dislikes that can be a good starting point - but my personal skill is in reading people, and putting together a mental map of their hot and cold areas that leaves me with a good idea of the unexplored territory in the middle where it's super fun to play... Also it can sometimes help to know why something is a hard limit - if it's from a previous bad experience, a phobia or just something that they don't like the idea of. Electro play is a good example - occasionally someone may have it as a limit because they're imagining that it's like receiving an electric shock (which can be the case with some toys), but when they learn that the different settings on the ErosTek are a totally different type of stimulation that is often more erotic than purely painful they're more interested in trying it out (at a light level to start of course).

Negotiation can be a difficult process - very few people are used to sitting down and casually discussing their darkest desires! Well - apart from me - I've been discussing them for many years now and the one thing that I've learned is that "everyone is different" but also "everyone is the same". Some hints for negotiation - keep things quite general - you don't usually need to mention specific toys or equipment unless they're a particular favourite. Also it's not really good manners to go into too much detail of other sessions, particularly talking too much about other ladies you've seen and the specific things they've done... The most important things for us to know are what are your "must haves" - the key focus of the session; and your "absolute noes" - also known as hard limits. I recommend not putting things you don't like the idea of on your hard list however - very often something you thought you wouldn't like can turn out to be a favourite activity! Particularly if you've seen it in a video and it didn't "turn you on" - real life is so very different and what looked hot might not be half as exciting as what you thought wasn't for you.

Once the session starts - this is where the negotiation ends and you submit to *my* desires!

And that is what I need to get from the session - submission, openness and trust - I'm not going to push too far outside your range of interests - I won't introduce a pretty sissymaid to heavy corporal for example, but perhaps some damsel-in-distress style bondage would be a good addition to the existing play... But I do need to know that you've ceded control and are willing to let me use you to explore my desires as well as your own. Of course in a first session the trust isn't as strong as it is with people I've been playing with for a long time - but I love to watch it build - as the submissive realises I know when he's struggling with an activity and will back off to either change direction or sometimes even build the intensity further depending on our connection and the energy of the session.

I often get the nicest thank you emails and text messages after session and a common theme is "I had never thought of trying x but it was great". This was a recent note from someone who came in for an extended overnight session...

I just want to say thanks for a wonderful time. It was really great and everything I imagined. You really are a great mistress.
I really hope you also enjoyed it and it wasn't too much work and stress for you Mistress. If there's anything you would prefer to do differently, please let me know. I'm very keen that these things aren't just one sided. After that session, I think I would trust your judgement as to what you do with me. I would never have thought I'd enjoy that electric torture but you taught me that anything goes and it was absolutely intense! I think if you hadn't put that chastity thing on me when you locked me up for the night I would have been going all night. In future you're welcome to keep those probes in me full time!
Any way, thank you again Mistress Servalan for a fantastic time, I'm really hanging for the next one. Better get fit, I've discovered muscles I didn't know I had this morning.
Yours (absolutely)

Happy sigh - I've all top-spacey even just writing about it ;) like that moment when I've closed the door behind my slave, taken off my boots and sat down for a moment to relax and think about all the amazing play that's just happened...


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Wednesday, March 27th, 2013
3:52 pm - Introducing Miss Tilda and Easter availability...

No it's not a new apprentice Mistress or anything like that - just a tiny personal update about a new addition to my house not Carisbrook...

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen a few hints here and there of a new member of my family, a couple of weeks ago I acquired a puppy! She's from a rescue organisation - and I was told she was a Rottweiler cross Ridgeback (her mum is the Rottie) so she should grow up to be a big girl. She's currently only about 7 kilos and so adorable - if still needing a lot of training... wish me luck! It's been a very long time since I last trained a baby pup - my last dog who passed away almost two years ago was an adult rescue. So I'm going through the whole teething/ toilet training saga that you get when they're little babies. That said every day she's better behaved and doing her best to make me smile.  I'm posting a couple of candid webcam photos - so please excuse me looking scruffy and the roll of paper towel on the sideboard - I think I'd just rescued it from being strewn across the whole house!

Miss Tilda has a taste for the finer things!
the day after she came home - pups don't drink wine!
look how much she"s grown!
look how much she's grown!

How beautiful has the Sydney weather been over the last couple of weeks! Summer is supposed to be well and truly over but it certainly doesn't seem like it with *very* warm temperatures and blazing sunshine - I'm making the most of it for sure... I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter break and gets outside in the sunshine - or inside in the dungeon ;) I prefer taking my breaks when everyone else is working (the perks of being self employed) so I will be available for session. As usual a day's notice is required and if you have trouble reaching me on the phone - the best option is text message 0404 654 774 or email ms.servalan@gmail.com

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Monday, March 18th, 2013
7:21 pm - Goodbye Salon Kittys

The iconic professional BDSM house Salon Kittys will be closing it's doors for the last time at the end of this week. It was certainly a sad day when I heard the news - after 27 years of groundbreaking professional BDSM Mistress Amanda has decided to turn her attention to other things and take a break from the responsibility of owning and running such an incredible place.

When she first started as a professional Mistress back in the 1980s BDSM and other forms of sex-work were still subject to an array of laws. Amanda Dwyer was instrumental in ensuring that professional BDSM was included in the decriminalization of sex-work. She's been an amazing mentor to so many people over the 27 years she's been practicing and of course has given so many of us a start in the fantastic world of Professional Domination. Together with her partner David behind the scenes making equipment and managing websites - they created an amazing space and more so a standard of excellence in professional practice.

There are so many people in the Australian and International BDSM community who first explored inside those walls and we all have a lot to thank Amanda David  for. I just want to extend my personal thanks for taking me onboard as an Apprentice Mistress back 12 or 13 years ago and wish them both well for the future. I'm sure our paths will cross again!

Of course it's put me in a very contemplative mood - by total chance the day after the closure was announced I had a lunch date with my good friend Mistress Serena and we spent lots of time reminiscing. I actually wrote about Mistress Serena and my first professional engagement at Salon Kittys a couple of years ago when I was discussing my first latex dress...

I wore the dress to my first ever professional Domme engagement - 10 years ago! Mistress Amanda from Salon Kittys advertised on a mailing list I was on, looking for experienced Mistresses to join Salon Kittys. I had recently left working in an international PR consultancy to take one of the accounts (which they were resigning due to a conflict of interest with a much bigger fish) with me... small business cash flow and all that I decided to email her and see if I'd be of interest to SK's.

Anyway - I told Mistress Amanda that I was an experienced Top as I'd been playing in my personal life for some time - but I wasn't an experienced Mistress as I knew that to be a ProDomme is a very different thing... Which by total chance on my part was just the right tone to take ;) as there tend to be a lot of lifestyle ladies who think they know a lot - but can often come adrift at having a breadth of knowledge in a professional context....

So she gave me an interview - which I treated like any other interview and attended wearing a beautiful navy Yohji Yamamoto suit with an ankle length skirt. I think I might have just come from a meeting in North Sydney beforehand. Mistress Amanda agreed to give me a trial as an apprentice Mistress... and my very first experience was attending one of the famous Salon Kitty's Mistress parties!

I turned up in the floor length latex gown - and immediately found a friend - as Mistress Serena took me under her wing. She asked a poor helpless sub if he took discipline - and in the face of the two of us he happily complied and was the recipient of my first professional caning! Lucky that was my original favourite activities I'd been doing in my personal life so I acquitted myself admirably ;) and proceeded to have one of the most fun nights of my life with an array of subs lined up for me to play with! Mistress Serena is still one of my best friends in all the world and even though she doesn't take sessions at the moment - I see her often and yes - she's still totally glamorous and into her fabulous rubber!

Mistress Amanda must have had a good report on me - as she got me to come in the next week to start my shifts as a new apprentice Mistress - though I was considered to already be up to SK standard on discipline ;) and just had to focus on learning all the other activities; bondage, cbt, crossdressing etc etc... though the most important thing of all is the one you never see a class on - how to structure and run a session!

I nearly fell over with shock when the receptionist gave me an envelope with my "party money" - it made the crazy concept really sink home for me - I can play and have fun and there are wonderful people who'll subsidise this for me ;)

though in the years prior when I was purely "lifestyle" I didn't get to have nearly as much fun - or acquire a tiny percentage of the outfits and toys that I now totally take for granted!

So farewell and plain sailing to Amanda and David - I'm certain that the future will hold a lot of wonderful things.

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Wednesday, March 13th, 2013
2:05 pm - Travel updates - USA in April/May

I can't believe it's been a year since I've visited the US to see all my fabulous Mistress friends and play with some of my very favourite submissives... I've been super lucky over the years to have made a lot of amazing friends and it's always exciting when I start booking my trips and planning what to take with me.

This visit I'm starting off in New York city visiting my best friend Mistress Wynter - check out her fabulous new website at www.mswynter.com - of course we will be available for doubles from the 27th April till the 2nd of May. Then it's Pittsburgh to visit Irene Boss at The Compound! Last time I was a guest of Irene's was in 2009 when she had relocated following the fire so I'm super excited to see her totally rebuilt and revitalised play space. I suspect I'll come home with gear-envy again as I think she is one of the very few Independent Mistresses who has even more toys and equipment than I do! Ah well - it's always good to have some ideas to add to my shopping list (shhh - don't tell my accountant I said that).

Following Pittsburgh I'm off to LA as I've once again been invited to be a Special Guest of Honour for DomConLA! This is going to be very special this year as it's also the 10th anniversary of this fantastic FemDom event - an amazing four days of total FemDom hedonism - yum :D  I love getting up to mischief with my beautiful Mistress friends from around the world! These are some of the behind the scenes things that happened last year ;)

Me and my good friend Maya Sinstress planning some fun at DomConLA
Me and my good friend Maya Sinstress planning some fun at DomConLA

Even the cruellest sadists are silly sometimes
Even the cruelest sadists are silly sometimes

myself with Mara Mayhem, Domina Snow, Maya Sinstress and Sarah Blake - teasing a slave with our feet while we relax with a glass of wine
L-R Me, Mara Mayhem, Domina Snow, Maya Sinstress and Sarah Blake - teasing a slave with our feet while we relax with a glass of wine
It"s okay - I let him breathe eventually ;)
It's okay - I let him breathe eventually ;)

All these photographs were taken by Curtis Walker.

Of course there have been plenty of fabulous sessions at home here in Carisbrook - I've been meaning to update with all my sordid tales of Sissy Brides and Well Thrashed Masochists but you'll just have to wait!

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Friday, February 22nd, 2013
12:57 pm - Back in the dungeon again

Well I had a great and super relaxing time when I was away up the mid-north coast last week. I was actually house-sitting for a friend of mine who has a beautiful apartment close to the beach. The weather was a bit overcast with a bit of rain here and there - particularly on one day when I'd gone for a little walk along the coastal path and it started pouring when I was 2k from the car. Ah well - no matter what opinions to the contrary I'm not a wicked witch so I didn't melt ;)

If you follow me on Instagram or twitter you might have seen some of my holiday snaps - but this is an idea of what the beautiful beaches were like...


I got home Saturday evening after taking my time driving back with a couple of friends and stopping off here and there for extra swims and checking out a couple of different National Parks for possible camping trips in the future - I know that I probably don't seem like the "roughing it" type but I actually find getting out in nature very relaxing.

Since being back in the dungeon of course it's been back to playtime with a vengeance! My first session back was a domestic
discipline session with a naughty (adult) boy I've been seeing for many years for a "short, sharp, shock" - I actually really enjoy short
discipline sessions but I don't like to try and compress too many things into too short a time otherwise. Other play this week has involved
heavy leather bondage (yay), latex fetish and lots of cbt, discipline, and other delicious deviancies :D

Rushing off - but here's a couple of "selfies" - I find the hat contrast kinda hilarious!

IMG_1365   IMG_1394

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Sunday, February 10th, 2013
12:13 pm - Off on holidays!
I'm just packing up and heading off on a little holiday - no planes this time I'm driving up the coast for a relaxing beach break for a few days.

Mistress Jadis is holding the fort at Carisbrook and I will be back again on the 17th of February.

I will be checking emails while I'm away - a reminder that my old address is very unreliable - the best way to reach me is ms.servalan@gmail.com or my phone 0404 654 774 though I'm *very* hard to catch on the phone at times so text message is always a good option.

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